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Former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl’s Longstanding Call for NYC City Council Reform Gains Momentum

New York, NY – Richard “Bo” Dietl, a former NYPD detective and a prominent business owner in New York City for over 40 years, has long been a vocal advocate for addressing the political power dynamics of the NYC City Council. His warnings about the council’s history of limiting the Mayor’s ability to effectively manage the city’s safety and security have become increasingly relevant amid rising crime rates. 

Nearly a year ago, Dietl highlighted these critical issues in an episode of his “True Crime” podcast, “Rounding Up the Save NYC Charter Change Coalition,” where he and renowned NYC political consultant Gary Tilzer discussed their proposed Charter resolution to limit the council’s power and empower the Mayor to address the city’s mounting crime and security challenges.  Dietl and Tilzer’s “Save NYC Charter Change Coalition” aims to enhance the Mayor’s ability to tackle escalating crime rates and ensure public safety. This plan is designed to secure the city by curtailing the political influence of the City Council by placing a referendum vote on the ballot. 

Dietl’s foresight now appears prescient, as Mayor Eric Adams has recently announced the formation of a Charter Revision Commission (CRC), chaired by Carlo Scissura, President and CEO of the New York Building Congress. The commission’s mandate, as detailed in the Mayor’s official press release, “is to explore reforms that will bolster public safety, revive the economy, and create a more livable city for New Yorkers.”. Politico reported this week, “the news (of the Commission) on Tuesday comes amid a faltering relationship between Adams and the council, a body led by fellow Democrat and onetime ally Adrienne Adams.

Mayor Adams went on to say the Commission is, “reviewing the city charter and determining how to make New York City’s municipal government more responsive and transparent to the city’s residents.”

Dietl, affirming his long-held stance, remarked, “It’s about time meaningful attention is being put on the progressive chokehold the City Council has on everyday hard-working New Yorkers and business owners who are dealing with a crippling increase in theft, crime, and violence in this city.”

Dietl continued to urge action from the public: “I’m calling on good, law-abiding citizens and businesses of New York to stand up and let your voices be heard that you are sick of the crime and you want change. I’m glad to see the Mayor’s office is taking this matter seriously, and I intend to continue to put pressure on Gracie Mansion and fellow business owners to say, ‘enough is enough.’ Let’s limit the power of the City Council and its progressive agenda. Let’s get a vote up and lift the blockade on the Mayor’s office being able to get tough on this serious security issue in NYC today.”

Dietl encourages everyone to “Join Bo” at, where they can sign up for his updates on crime and politics in New York City as well as learn more about efforts to reduce the political power of the City Council.


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