Richard ‘Bo’ Dietl to Testify Before NYC Charter Revision Commission Hearing

Former NYPD Detective Turned Businessman & Actor Continues Advocacy for Limiting City Council Power

New York, NY – Richard “Bo” Dietl, a longtime vocal advocate for addressing the political power dynamics of the NYC City Council, will testify today at a hearing of Mayor Adams’ newly created NYC Charter Revision Commission (CRC). The “Fiscal Responsibility Forum and Public Input Session” will be held in Manhattan at the New York Law School Thursday evening to discuss proposed changes to the New York City Charter.

According to City officials, the New York City Charter “provides the structure of City government and key powers of City elected officials and agencies. The CRC is empowered to review the entire Charter. It may recommend changes that would help City government to work more efficiently and better serve all New Yorkers.”

Dietl’s warnings about the council’s history of limiting the Mayor’s ability to effectively manage the city’s safety and security have become increasingly more relevant amid rising crime rates.  Affirming his long-held stance, Dietl remarked on Thursday, “Simply put, the City Council’s Progressive agenda impedes effective policing.  We need to strip the power from the City Council and give more authority to our Mayor and the police department to help not only keep our citizens and businesses safe — but keep them in New York.” he continued, “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of my family, the hundreds of hardworking people I employ, fellow business owners and all New Yorkers.” 

Nearly a year ago, Dietl highlighted these critical issues in an episode of his “True Crime” podcast, “Rounding Up the Save NYC Charter Change Coalition,” where he and renowned NYC political consultant Gary Tilzer discussed their proposed Charter resolution. Dietl continued to urge action from the public before his testimony, “The City Council’s advice and consent legislation enables excessive oversight and prevents the Mayor from being able to do his top job, keeping New Yorkers safe. There must be a shift of authority from the Progressive Liberal City Council to our Mayor.  This important issue should be put on the November ballot for the people of New York City to vote on.”

Dietl encourages everyone to “Join Bo” at, where they can sign up for his updates on crime and politics in New York City as well as learn more about efforts to reduce the political power of the City Council.


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