Episode 129: Loyalty, Tragedy, and Truth with Sid Rosenberg

On this episode of Bo Dietl’s One Tough Podcast, Bo talks with his close friend and guest, Sid Rosenberg. They discuss various topics including their loyalty to each other, the continued impact of historical tragedies such as 9/11 and October attacks on Israel, and the significance of remembering these events. They touch on New York […]

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One Tough Podcast #128 Sean McCarthy

On this episode of One Tough Podcast, Bo Dietl discusses various pressing issues, starting with a recent dramatic shooting incident in the Bronx. Bo criticizes the city council’s progressive approach to public safety, lamenting the limitations imposed on the mayor’s authority. He also expresses concerns over rising crime rates and unrealistic expectations placed on police […]

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Tackling NYC’s Crime Surge – Shootings, Policy Failures, and the Push for Reform | One Tough Podcast #127

Watch on YouTube Listen to me and Gary Tilzer on ONE TOUGH PODCAST on Spotify, discussing the crime surge in NYC and how to deal with it, here: Spotify – One Tough Podcast

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